març, 2022


Blanes launches the III Art Route 2022 in the ABBC Showcases, in about 60 shops

Komm Mit Internacional


This week, the ‘III Art Route 2022 in Showcases’ in Blanes was launched this week, coinciding with the commemoration of March 8, International Women’s Day. The third edition of the experience, which consists of a tour of the participating commercial establishments in order to enjoy a traveling exhibition through their shop windows, has women as its main protagonist.

The Mayor, the 1st Deputy Mayor, the Councilor for Equality, the President
of the ABBC and board members, and a representative of the AFIC
in the symbolic act to kick off the route

For this reason, the eve of 8-M was chosen yesterday afternoon to kick off this successful initiative, organized by the ABBC, the Blanes Center Merchants Association, with the support of the ‘Blanes City Council Promotion Area, which has helped the commercial entity apply for a grant to organize the route. If in the first two editions the exhibition was composed of pieces by artists from Blanes or based in the town, now they are photographers.

They have been donated by 11 authors from the Blanes Photographic and Cinematographic Association, AFIC, which has collaborated in the making and transfer of works of art in images. The mayor of Blanes, Àngel Canosa, met yesterday afternoon to kick off; the president of the ABBC, Lluís Pascual; the First Deputy Mayor for City and Trade Promotion, Jordi Urgell; Jordi Roig on behalf of AFIC; the Councilor for Social Action and Equality, Marian Anguita; as well as members of the ABBC board.

All of them were mentioned in an emblematic place, directly related to the ephemeris: the monument to the ‘Dona Puntaire’ at the intersection of Carrer Esperança and Carrer de la Camadassa, in the heart of the town’s historic center. The President of the ABBC and the Mayor of Blanes were very pleased that the successful experience has reached its third edition, hoping that, once again, it will be an attractive element that will help to give life to both the shops of the city as in the municipality itself.

11 AFIC photographers exhibit their work in 59 shops

The ‘III Art Route in Showcases 2022 continues to pursue the same goal as in the first two editions: to gain visibility and give an added incentive to customers and pedestrians walking through Blanes. All kinds of establishments have joined: clothing, food, books, sports, tobacconists, bookshops, opticians, pharmacies, jewelers …

On the other hand, the photographers who have lent their work add up to a total of 11, and the vast majority add up to more than one work that now contributes to shining more on the shop windows that house it. The 11 photographers are: Antònia Borràs, Daniel Bron, Francesc Carrión, Joan Membrives, Josep Salip, Jonathan Gascó, Juan Laguna, Lluís Mateu, Montserrat Moraleda, Núria Briansó and Josep Palaus.

To make the walk more comfortable through the traveling open-air exhibition proposed by the ‘III Art Route’, the Blanes Center Shopkeepers’ Association has published a guide that includes the 59 shops that take part in the ‘experience, proposing a follow-up route that can be done on foot in a few minutes. The route can be followed throughout the month of March, and has the support of the Girona Chamber of Commerce, Girona Provincial Council and the Generalitat, among others.


Març 8 (Tuesday) - Abril 30 (Saturday)