Route through the hermitages

Besides the monumental value of the hermitages in Blanes, its stone walls are really appreciated by our citizens and serve as an example of our ancestor’s popular devotion. Although some are smaller than others, every hermitage has its own past and is surrounded by legends and stories that you can learn thanks to this route. All of these hermitages had been built in strategic places of Blanes. From a military perspective, they can have both religious and defensive functions. Moreover, they establish territorial borders because they are located at the entrance and exit of the town. Besides their religious purpose, they had been used as public places by people living in Blanes and they are usually in the areas where there are higher population growth rates. The itinerary includes the following hermitages: l’Esperança, Sant Francesc, Santa Bàrbara, Sant Joan, Mare de Déu de la Font de la Salut, l’Antiga and Santuari del Vilar.

Ruta de les Ermites-min

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Ruta de les Ermites