Blanes places a bird observatory in the Delta de la Tordera.

As you well know, Blanes is nature, and our city is a natural open-air museum. It has two amazing Mediterranean gardens. Two symbols of the city that you cannot miss. But the natural heritage goes far beyond the romantic gardens because we offer landscapes with great ecological importance. 

One of the places that are part of this rich natural heritage is the Delta de la Tordera, and it is that this place is at a strategic point in the emigration of many species of birds, which makes this natural space, an area privileged for birdwatching.


The Temporal Glòria of a year ago regenerated the lagoon at the mouth of the Tordera River thanks to the large amount of sediment carried by the river.

A year later, this space, in which human presence has been prohibited after the pandemic, has led to the return of birds that had not been seen for decades, and species that had never been detected have appeared. This space has become an unexpected natural paradise.

One of the events that have attracted the most attention and astonished biologists, naturalists, and curious people, has been the presence of flamingos or a specimen of osprey, a protected species that was seen for three weeks.

To protect and prevent people from having access to this protected area and classified as a special conservation area, an operation has been carried out to close this site and prohibit anyone from bathing.

Even so, for all those curious and lovers of nature, two sections with wooden screens have been installed to observe and photograph the birds, as well as informative and informative posters about the environmental values ​​of this space.

These are two areas with wooden screens that have openings at different heights. In the lower sections, there is a bench that facilitates the work of people who are fond of photography or so that they can admire with binoculars the great variety of species of birds that can be observed. In this way, you can go to see the birds and the nature that surrounds them, but without the human presence being so notorious to hinder them.