Marimurtra Botanical Garden


The botanical garden of the Costa Brava is a privileged place where you can enjoy the richness of its botanical, architectural, landscape and human heritage. A paradise of the plant world that thanks to its geographical context has a close relationship with the Mediterranean Sea.

With more than 4,000 species from five different continents, Marimurtra welcomes families, schools and visitors from around the world with the aim of making known the botany, Science and the wonderful landscapes of the Costa Brava, as well as the story of Carl Faust, the founder of Marimurtra.

The diversity of species and spaces in Marimurtra allow visitors to travel the world thanks to the musical forest of bamboo of the East, the arid extensions of America, corners of Australia or the jungle pergola, among others.

The Templet of Linné is one of the most unique architectural monuments of the Garden. Definitely, one of the most iconic corners of the Costa Brava, with a romantic architecture and an exclusive location in the first creek of Costa Brava, Sa Forcanera.

The Epicurus stairs lead to the Templet. In spring, they can be breathtaking to those who go down the stairs. Moreover, the landscape is covered in pink thanks to The Drosanthemum floribundum , becoming one of the most beautiful moments.

In Marimurtra, there is a huge family of insects, birds and plants. What is more and during the visit, you can see how they are fed with the Garden natural resources and thanks to the hens, the organic garden, the insect samples and the birds’ nests. A practical way of learning that in nature each element is important. For this reason, ecological systems and sustainable practices are used in Marimurtra to not disturb the harmony.

Marimurtra was created by Carl Faust (1874-1952), a man passionate about the natural sciences who dedicated his effort and heritage to achieve his dream. The Garden team works to keep this work alive and each visitor helps with his ticket to preserve the environment.

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden was declaredCultural Asset of National Interestby the Generalitat de Catalunya and it was awarded with theCreu de Sant Jordi in 2009.

Passeig Carles Faust, 9

+34 972 33 08 26

Monday to Thursday 10am to 4pm - Friday to Sunday 10am to 5pm