Accommodation in Blanes

Accommodation in Blanes

This year, because of Covid 19, a new opportunity has been born for all those tourists in the country who perhaps had not yet discovered the wonders that are very close. Maybe it’s your case, somehow you’ve overestimated beaches and environments in other countries without realizing that sometimes you don’t have to go that far to enjoy fantastic summer landscapes. 

The accommodations in Blanes look forward to welcoming you once the limitation that does not allow mobility between different areas right now is lifted. Every day new guidelines emerge that guide steps that are still uncertain, but that are sure to look ahead to achieve a new renaissance among all.


Blanes is a city with a large and varied offer of accommodation. The Blanes Campsites, located mostly near the Tordera delta, offer a natural atmosphere with open spaces on the beaches and the city center. Camping lovers know the well-being of an outdoor holiday right now. Surely in the campsites of Blanes you will find the holiday opportunity you were looking for.

On the other hand, the Blanes apartments have been renovated year after year to offer facilities in accordance with the needs of the customer of the 21st century, therefore, they will continue to be an optimal way to make a very pleasant stay in the city that will also allow you to get to know the fascinating environment of the Costa Brava that Blanes offers them.


Blanes hotels are the perfect alternative if you want to enjoy the city with all the comforts of an accommodation that takes care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything. The offer of hotels in Blanes is very wide, you have many alternatives, both in terms of price, location and internal offer. The current situation requires each hotel in Blanes to adapt in order to continue guaranteeing all the comforts to its guests. The excitement and desire to receive them mark every adjustment that needs to be made.

In fact, it is very well so, the accommodations in Blanes want to start welcoming customers, they know that they will soon be able to do so, and for this reason, they do not spare efforts in the necessary renovations. Choosing Blanes as a destination for this very special summer will allow you to get to know a corner of the Costa Brava where you can enjoy the thrill of landscape, beach, city and culture. You can’t miss it!