Blanes X Runners 2019

Blanes X Runners 2019

Blanes X Runners 2019

Blanes, apart from being a well-known tourist destination around the world, also receives a very important number of visitors thanks to the sport.

This fact is partly due to the great offer of first class facilities that are suitable for the practice of different disciplines that the town offers and for the mild climate enjoyed by our town, which allows to train and compete throughout the year.

Blanes has a first-class municipal facility located at the entrance to the village with spaces where you can practice a wide range of sports in its different categories.


blnaes x runners

The Ciutat Esportiva Blanes is one of the most innovative sports centers of the State, and has 40,000 m2 that offers the possibility of practicing any sports discipline on the covered track: basketball, handball, hockey, skating, football, rhythmic gymnastics and sports, badminton, sports ball, twirling, martial arts, tennis, volleyball, guided activities, chess …

The building is divided into four floors that allow you to practice any sport and host events of any type, whether artistic, business or cultural.

The Ciutat Esportiva Blanes also hosts the point of attention to the corridor, with all the necessary services for the practice of this sport. There, brokers will find plans with the routes for the practice of running, as well as specific services such as showers, wardrobe or a bench to clean footwear after sports practice.

To bring together the different races that are held throughout the year in Blanes, the Blanes X Runners calendar has been created, which includes trials with different routes, as well as popular hikes, climbing, mountain races or triathlons.

We will leave the programming of the races scheduled for this year 2019:

  •  13/01, XXX Mar i Murtra 20/10 km: Race through the natural landscapes of Blanes by the sea and forest inland, with two possible distances to go, that of 20 km or the one that is more affordable, that of 10 km.·
  • 28/04, XXVII Hermitage Route 18 km: With two race options, the long 18 km route and the short route of 9,5 km.
  • 05/05, XIII Cross School: School race between several schools.·
  •  16/06, VII Triatló Vila de Blanes: With a distance of 750 meters of swimming, 20 km of cycling and 5 km of race on foot.
  • 06/26, VI Climbing to San Joann 666 Stairs: A different race, short (1,3 km) but very intense due to the 666 steps that go back to the Castle of Sant Joan, 170 meters high.
  • 07/07, IV Color Blanes X Runners: A popular march that mixes music, sports and the party.
  • 04/08, 76 Crossing the Port of Blanes: With a route that passes before the maritime strip of the town, you can participate people of all ages, in the categories of Open Masculine, Open Women or Special.
  • 17/08, XXXVI Popular Walk of Sant Bonós Night: The march has exit and arrival from the same place, the Paseo de Mar. With a distance of about 8 km around the town.
  • 25/08, X Aquatló Popular de Blanes: It begins with a first 400 meters of swimming, it continues with 4 kilometers of race and is completed with another 400 meters of swimming. It can be done after 14 years.
  • 10/20, V Trail Maritime Jungle 22 km: Organized by the Fondistes Blanes Group, it begins in Tossa, passes through Lloret and ends at Blanes. Always by the sea, descending to the foothills, where you can only access on foot and through the three Botanical Gardens.
  • 17/11, IX Passafred 21 and 12 km: With 2 circuits, the Half Marathon of 21,10 km and the Popular March of 12,5 km.
  • 12/31, II Popular Race of San Silvestre: It is an urban race, popular and apt for all the levels and will take a walk on foot through the center and the Partial Plan Costa Brava.