Genuine products

Genuine products

Genuine products

December arrives and with him the preparations for Christmas. A time where you breathe love, affection and dedication in every gesture, in every gift. Can there be anything better than celebrating these special days with the genuine products of our city? Whether you are giving away typical products from the area or you just like to celebrate these dates with KMO products like the ones we have in Blanes, keep reading that you will like it.


Do you love making Christmas sweets like chocolate nougat, but do not know what products are essential?

Honey from the beehive of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden will be a safe bet. With 14 hives, where more than 400,000 bees live, the honey they generate is 100% natural and ecological. As one of the star products of Christmas, the cava. Blanes is an area rich in cavas, sparkling wines and craft beers.

Did you know that Blanes produces a sparkling wine, unique and high quality, fermented and aged for years in an underwater winery in the Bay of Blanes?


Coral Marine Sea Drink, Cava Ses Vernes, Cava Laviret, Cervesa Marina and Popaire will be your perfect complement for all celebrations.

The palace of the best-known and most historical sweet of Blanes, the pastry shop Orench. Who can resist his classic wafer nougat or burnt yolk?

Blanes has its fish market in the port, where boxes of good fish and seafood are received every day. A key element that cannot miss in your Christmas table, and that you will have at your disposal in the different fishmongers of the town.

As a side dish to your dishes, the weekly local fruit and vegetable market, located in the Passeig de Dintre, will be your perfect ally to cook healthy meals with high quality products.

The great products are closer than you think, you just have to walk around Blanes and your success at Christmas lunches or dinners will be assured.