Roberto Bolaño Literary Route

Roberto Bolaño Literary Route

Roberto Bolaño Literary Route

The city of Blanes is well known for being the gateway to the Costa Brava and for its magnificent beaches where bathing is a great privilege. There are also many sports, nautical and nature plans, among others. Today we want to present you Roberto Bolaño literary route. Do you dare to follow her with us?

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Roberto Bolaño was a writer who was born in Santiago de Chile in 1953 and in 1977 he arrived in Barcelona and years later, when he married Carolina López, they settled in the city of Blanes. His intention when arriving at this spectacular corner of Costa Brava was to open a jewelery store, but his eagerness for writing led him to write numerous poems, essays and novels making different references to the city that welcomed him until the end of his days.

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The literary route of Roberto Bolaño fixes 17 outstanding points in his works and in his life.

The train station is the first stop of this cultural trip. Paradoxically, it was like Bolaño came to our maritime city. Next, his jewelery shop, located in chamfer of Cristòfol Colon and Lluís Companys streets. This store was one of the most loved places in the entire municipality, as it was the first place where it was installed.

The third stop is the bar located on the beach of S’Abanell and that the writer visited in his early years as a city in La Rioja, El Hogar del Productor.

Bolaño was a true lover of cinema. He frequented the Videoclub Serra, where he could rent movies and enjoy his great hobby. After living in different houses, together with his wife, they lived in an apartment on Aurora Street and it was where his first son was born.

The literary route Roberto Bolaño has many more points to visit and know. Today we will not reveal all of them, since visiting them in the first person will be a great experience that you will not forget.

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