Main festival 2019

Main festival 2019

Main festival 2019

One more year, the most special days for Blanes, its main festival, arrive where the entire town dresses up to celebrate those magical days in honour of the patron saint, Santa Anna.

There are many plans offered these days in Blanes, such as the “Ensorra’t”, but without a doubt, the most recognized and the one that attracts the most tourists to the municipality is the fireworks contest. A festival of lights, colours and spectacular fume that you can’t miss.

Fireworks are launched from the most emblematic place in Blanes, Sa Palomera, where the Costa Brava begins. Around it, 120,000 to 150,000 spectators congregate daily, between the promenade, the different beaches, the port and the terraces of the nearest floors and restaurants. You can also live the experience aboard a boat, if you know any fisherman in the town or with the different companies that put at your disposal a fleet of boats so that seeing the fireworks from the sea is something you can never forget.

The beginnings of the Fireworks in Blanes dates back to 1891. Only during the Civil War years (1936-1944) was this celebration so annulled. As of that year, not one has failed. When you come to live the experience, you will understand why.

Currently, Blanes fireworks are presented as a contest where companies from around the world participate to win the coveted prize. This format dates back to the 70s and Blanes has visited different national and international companies.

Blanes’s biggest party is music, Santa Anna, culture, celebrations, meetings with friends and family and, above all, fireworks.

Don’t miss this pyrotechnic event for anything in the world, we promise you won’t regret it.

Welcome to the Fiesta Mayor de Blanes!