Shopping in Blanes

Shopping in Blanes

All you need to know for you Christmas shopping in Blanes

Desiring, needing, choosing, stirring, acquiring…! How we like to buy, both what we really need, and what we simply want. The exchange and the trade are human ancestral activities that survive strongly in our days, and in Blanes you can enjoy them in a wide variety of modalities: from Markets of all kinds, Fairs, Traditional Stores, Modern Stores, Great Surfaces… Now Christmas dates are approaching, nothing better than knowing them thoroughly to choose the best option to buy in Blanes!

Shopping in the center of Blanes is a guarantee of success, because you can choose from one hundred stores that offer a close deal in a framework of streets full of history and culture. Can you imagine buying in a large open-air showcase, under the eyes of nineteenth-century houses, or vestiges of the Catalan Gothic? In the old town of Blanes, you can experience this experience that fuses trade and culture, with heirlooms of a long history, and shops that bring you the news of the most international brands. In addition to its traditional charm, its modernity, or its close service, the stores of Blanes are very well organized in the Associació de Botigues de Blanes Centre (ABBC). This association, apart from giving all kinds of advantages to its members, also organizes well-celebrated events among the population, related to the Shooping in Blanes: The Fashion Blanes Parade, the Art Route to the Sideboards (in which they participate 27 white artists), or promotions and discounts within the framework of different sporting events during the year. The economic activity of ABBC is not renounced by its solidarity, and so, every year, the ABBC handles 2% of its turnover to 4 entities of Blanes: ASPRONIS, Amics de Joan Petit Nens amb Càncer, Creu Roja i l’Associació d’Arts Escèniques la Quarta Finestra.

If shopping in the center of Blanes is to enjoy a good walk, historical corners and cozy establishments, go shopping in the Blanes markets is to immerse yourself in the bustle of its people, the symptom of a lively city. In the center of Blanes, you will find the Fruit and Vegetables Market, a place where peasants have their freshest products to fill the Passeig de Dins of authentic aromas of nature, which will fill later, the tables of consumers. And for fresh, the Portal del Peix, in the middle of the center of Blanes (in Plaça dels Dies Feiners), where from Monday to Friday, the stalls that make it, they welcome the best of the fresh fish from Blanes captured by the fleet of local fishing.

The lively spirit of commerce is also a reality every Monday morning at the textile and Accessories Market of Passeig de Mar, where you can buy clothes, souvenirs and all kinds of accessories. And if you are a lover of antiques or vintage style, you can not miss the charming La Ganga Second Hand Market, where, on the first Sunday of the month, 20 stalls offer their best relics at Avinguda de Catalunya in the La Plantera neighborhood.

Within the pleasant framework of shopping on the street, which is so typical of the Mediterranean culture, Blanes is also diverting itself to host traditional Fairs, whether they are typical of the city, such as the Fira de Sant Tomàs (specialized in Christmas products), or others Fairs like the Catalan Flavors or the Handmade Fairs.

In Blanes, we love being guarantors of the street life tradition with stalls, markets, Fairs… But we are also aware that we must adapt to the new habits of consumption of large areas with lots of options to buy. Thus, in the polygon of Blanes we welcome large establishments specialized in various fields such as food, DIY, furniture, electronics, toys, home, or clothing and footwear. They are great resources that, on many occasions, encourage the visit of inhabitants of other cities, which they see in the polygon of Blanes, an effective solution to their purchases.

You see it, in Blanes you will find everything ready for your Christmas shopping! Choose between the many options of trade that we offer!