December moments in Blanes

December moments in Blanes

Magic days in Blanes

If there is a beautiful month full of emotions, this is December. With the cold, people seek warmth with others and wake up feelings of solidarity with those who suffer. Christmas is the emblem of this month and have become the perfect excuse to organize a lot of activities that set these dates. In Blanes, the wishes of welcome to Christmas and The Magic Three Kings have made the population dump in the presentation of a very active December, with a special and affectionate dedication to the children.

December is also synonymous with the Solidarity Marathon in Catalonia. For many years now, all the Catalan populations have added to the solidarity of the Marató de Tv3, organizing different activities that allow collecting donations that are destined for the cause. In Blanes, this December you will be able to collaborate with the Marató through the Great Quina of the Associació de Botiguers de Blanes on the 1st, with the V Marxa Nocturna Familiar of the Mossèn Joan Batlle School on the 13th, with the purchase of books on days 2, 14 and 15, and with workshops and sports games on the beach, organized by the Col·legi Santa Maria.

As we said, during the month of December we feel more empathic with those who surround us, and in Blanes we stop thinking of those most in need. From the 16th to the 20th of December, Creu Roja (Red Cross) summons the Great Collection of Toys. This campaign will have a turning point on the 17th with the V Nit de Monòlegs in the theater, where actor Quim Masferrer will be the claim for people to collaborate through the donation of the tickets. In addition, on December 28, the show Per Nadal, fem poble, organized by the Grup Miratge at the Blanes Theatre, allocates € 7 of each ticket to Càritas.

Pastorets a Blanes

If what you like is music, in Blanes we have a great variety of musical events for this month of December. The multidisciplinary show Tornem a casa XXL, joins Esbart J. Ruyra, the Chamber Choir Sota Palau, and the Cobla Flama de Farners, to offer a genuine representation on December 14 in the Parish of Santa Maria. On December 20th, within the framework of the Young Christmas Dinner, the contest Tu si que Blanes will be held for young people between 14 and 30 years old. And for lovers of the Christmas atmosphere, this December will be able to enjoy the white voices of the Coral de Petits del Barri de Sa Carbonera (Choir of Children of the neighborhood of Sa Carbonera) on the 21st; from the Chamber Choir Sota Palau, on the 22nd through the streets of the center; and from the Christmas Concert with the Band and Cobla of the Col·legi Santa Maria in Plaça Espanya on the 22nd. And still, to welcome the new year, on January 12th, the New Year’s Concert will be held at Theater at 7 pm organized by La Vbella.

For the kids, Blanes offers a lot of proposals that will make them enjoy and dream this December. We have the work of Pastorets La Gran aventura on the 8th at the theater, by Grup Rialles. On the 12th, a Christmas Lanterns and Tales Workshop is offered at the Library. Also at the Biblioteca Comarcal de Blanes (Blanes Regional Library), on December 13th and 21st, you can enjoy a fun time with the David Quesada Board Games Club. And, in the midst of Christmas festivities, the band will be able to take part in the Cagatió Popular (catalan tradition) that is organized in Plaza España on the 22nd and the special Parade of Es Tió on the 15th. During the whole month of December, the different neighborhoods of the city will be welcoming the Patges Reals (Three Kings helpers) who will come to collect the letters from the children of Blanes, because the Three Magic Kings already arrive on the 5th of January in the Port of Blanes with their consequent Royal Cavalcade! On the same day in Plaça dels Dies Feiners, the Three Magic Kings will finish collecting the last letters from the children of Blanes.

And if the coming of the Three Magic Kings makes children dream, the liking of Pessebrism also includes the greatest and is a classic of those dates. In Blanes, as every year, the beloved Nativity Scene of the town will be inaugurated on December 5th at Plaça dels Dies Feiners. From 17 December to 7 January, the Associació Pessebrista de Blanes (Pessebrista Group of Blanes) will organize the Diorames Exhibition. If you need any figurines or Christmas decorations, you can always go to the Sant Tomàs Fair, which you will find between the streets: Ample, Muralla, Raval and Plaça Espanya from December 21st. And if you want to learn how to make a different nativity scene, you can not miss the Nativity Scene Workshop that will be held at the Library on December 23rd.

And that is not all, December is very intense in Blanes! We can not fail to call TastA Blanes, which will take place on December 7th, the IICursa de Sant Silvestre on December 31st, or the beloved Pastorets, under the name “We continue to rehearse Pastors and Mysteries” that will take place in different days in the city.

Start falling in love with the city of Blanes in December! Check all the December agenda and visits to the Three Magic Kings Helpers in Blanes here.

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