Blanes, the gate of the fish and the Costa Brava

blanes portal del peix costa brav

The rock of Sa Palomera, which separates the beaches of Blanes and S’Abanell is the point that marks the beginning of the Costa Brava. That is why, our town is known as the getaway of the Costa Brava.

And it is the same point where the charms of a seafaring town begin where the trace of our history live together with the hectic life of a modern and dynamic population, but always cosy and close.

And today, precisely, is what we want to talk to you about, of our seafaring spirit and nature, and the relation of Blanes with the fishing industry date back a long time. The Romans already observed that the natural bay that formed the beach was ideal to build a small port base. Although no dates are available for the period between the end of the roman empire and the XI century, it must be assumed that the seafront was very important both for fishing and for the transport of people and goods.

In fact, this fishing and seafaring tradition have been transmitted and kept intact from generation to generation among inhabitants of Blanes to this day.

Blanes rely on a fishing fleet of boats that sails every day from Monday to Friday to work at sea. This fishing fleet is made up of 49 vessels working in different fishing gear: bottom trawling, seine nets, longlines, surface longline, and smaller gears.

The catches are sold every afternoon, in wholesale, at the auction of the port of Blanes, where you can find the species that live near the coast such as anchovies or melva, with other spices that are found in the depths of the Blanes canyon, such as the Nordic pink lobster or the langoustine. These last two species are without a doubt two icons of our town.

Watching a fish auction is a spectacle of life. The personality of Blanes cannot be understood without the arrival of the boats in port, the boxes of fresh fish, the price tenders…

From 7th of May, and always under prior reservation, you can come to know the operation of the port, the boats that make up the fishing fleet, and the marketing of fish, on Friday afternoons from 17:00 to 18:00.

A good chance to capture the seafaring spirit that has always characterized us.

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