Inspiring artists: the Roberto Bolaño Itinerary

Blanes and its landscape have been a source of inspiration for artists, poets and writers whom the city has welcomed and from whom we have been able to capture its artistic legacy.

The Costa Brava has welcomed many outstanding literary artists, either because they were born here or as a host after discovering the area on a business, sporadic or tourist trip.

Today we want to invite you to discover Blanes by the hand of one of the most celebrated Spanish-language writers of recent times, Roberto Bolaño.

The writer and poet Roberto Bolaño, author of ” Detectives Salvajes “, discovered Blanes by chance in 1985 and was so impressed by its beauty and authenticity that it was here, where he raised his family and where he lived until the moment of his death in 2003 .At the time of his arrival, Bolaño defined Blanes as “a problem-free paradise , with a magnificent sea”, a sea where they scattered his ashes.

Roberto Bolaño

Photo Archive of the heirs Roberto Bolaño (ARHRB)

A large part of his novels is based on Blanes, in which we find numerous references to his people and landscapes. The city has wanted to pay tribute to him with a literary itinerary that covers 17 key places in his life, each of these spaces is accompanied by texts by the author of diverse origins: interviews, newspaper articles, novels … This itinerary will show you It will take you to key points such as the beach, the port, the seafront, the Castle of Sant Joan, or the Gothic Fountain, among many others.

This is a way to discover our city from a different and exciting perspective, since you will, from the point of view of this excellent writer of Chilean origin.

In the regional library, you will find the guides of the Roberto Bolaño route, with a map of Blanes that marks the most emblematic points through which he travelled.

We end with a quote from the author that perfectly defines the relationship he had with our city: “I never suspected that one day I would arrive in Blanes, and that I would never again want to leave.”

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