Itinerary Joaquim Ruyra

Itinerary Joaquim Ruyra

Blanes, inspirational city for the artists.

Blanes and its landscape have been the source of inspiration for artists, poets and writers whom the city has welcomed and from whom we have learned to take its artistic legacy.

Ruyra, Alemany, Maragall, or Bolaño, are the surnames of some of the poets, and writers who found their inspiration. They have been mentioned in several routs and heritage around the city. Blanes has definitely been a welcoming and creative place over the centuries.

Today we will focus on talking about the route dedicated to Joaquim Ruyra, a writer with a very short literary production, but at the same time a very high-quality one.

According to many experts on the subject, a literary route is carried out for two reasons: because of the relationship between the author and the territory, or because of the tie established between the literary work and the landscape described. In the case of Joaquim Ruyra and Blanes, it is because of both.

Joaquim Ruyra, was born in Girona, but lived for many years in our town and based many of his stories on Blanes.

So, today we propose you take a route that will take you through the landscapes and corners of Blanes that you will find reflected in their stories, even so, some of these places refer to the daily life of the writer in the town.

In this way, you will be able to visit Blanes through the eyes by Joaquim Ruyra and discover something more about the history of our town.

This tour follows some of the spaces that inspired one of the greatest writers of Catalonia and that feature in his short stories. They are the landscapes of Punta Santa Anna, the fishing district of s’Auguer, the cliff of the Convent, the cove of Cala Sa Forcanera, which frames the unforgettable stories of El rem de trenta-quatre, Les coses benignes, en Garet a l’enramada or L’idil·li d’en Temme … among many other points.

Each point of the itinerary is accompanied by an information badge with an explanation in four languages ​​and a fragment, in Catalan, of some of the stories set at that specific point. Likewise, each badge is also accompanied by an old photograph that helps to know how that place was like at the time the writer lived.

The objective of this itinerary is for you to visit Blanes, through the eyes of Joaquim Ruyra and to discover the places that inspired him to write some of his best-known stories.

Blanes is culture, it is history and it is nature.

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