Sa Palomera, an identity symbol of Blanes!

sa palomera

With the arrival of spring and good weather, it’s also time to enjoy all the fascinating nooks and crannies that Blanes hides. That is why today we want to tell you about one of the most representative symbols of our town, the iconic “Sa Palomera”.

This large rock that enters the sea and separates the bay of Blanes, in the north, and the beach of s’Abanell, in the south, is considered to be the point where the Costa Brava begins. That is why, right here, a metal arch has been placed, an inverted “V”, which symbolizes the entrance door of this fascinating Coast, named by Ferran Agulló from the Convent of Blanes in 1908.

“Sa Palomera” is in the middle of the rocky complex formed by “Sa Pujola” and “Es Portell”. At the top of this large rock, a viewpoint has been set up from where you can see a wide perspective of the town and the Tordera delta, which flows two kilometers further down, following the beach of s’Abanell.

At the end of July, for the celebration of the biggest festivities of Blanes, this iconic rock becomes the perfect setting to celebrate the International Fireworks Competition.

The origin of its name is not entirely determined. Experts work with two hypotheses. A classic one, that links the origin of the name to a place where wild pigeons lived or hunted (Palumba). And another one, more recent that would derive Palomera from the Iberian name Pala (with the meaning of stone or rock), which linked to the suffix Era (place) would identify Sa Palomera as a place of rocks.

The view of Blanes from its viewpoint makes it a must-see for all those who want to know and admire the beautiful Coast of our town.

So you know, if you decide to visit it, we recommend that you do it with a camera or your mobile because from there you can take spectacular pictures.

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